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Run Like the (Trade)Wind 8.22.23

Description: The Tradewind team has found lasting ways to foster advanced tech innovation in a system built to refuse failure and must sacrifice speed for certainty. Bonnie Evangelista, a Senior…

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DAU || What is Artificial Intelligence? Created for DoD & Federal employees

This DAU foundational AI course video is intended to help DoD professionals gain AI-literacy and manage or work on an AI acquisition program. What's in it for you? Detailed coverage of the AI…

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AFICC Enterprise Crosstalk - February 17, 2022

The Air Force Installation Contracting Center Crosstalk Purpose…To share Operational Acquisition activities and best practices to improve cross organizational knowledge, collaboration and…

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JROBOT: Joint Robotics Organization for Building Organic Technologies

Check out this introductory video on JROBOT: Joint Robotics Organization for Building Organic Technologies. JROBOT seeks to use robotics to affect the readiness of our platforms.

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Think Differently Series How can we optimize AI at the DoD 6.17.20

The adoption and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an explicity DoD priority as described in the NDS. Join us in this session of "Think Differently" to hear from thought…

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Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Requirements Definition (ARRT-RD) ABC method for writing tasks.

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