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High Reliability Amidst Perpetual Disruption - Part 1 - 11.8.23

During this 90-minute session, Dr. Warner applies the principles of High Reliability to our current context of perpetual disruption amidst the speed of technology innovation, and invites commentary…

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ETM 1020, Lesson 6, Threats, System Survivability and Prototyping

Given adversity, disruptive technologies, and/or evolving technology threats, you will understand why prototyping is critical to cost-effective, timely DoD capability development and mission…

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Think Differently: Disruptors & Innovators in national security 5.6.20

"The National Defense Strategy mentions innovation 7 times and prompt us to out-think, out-maneuver and out-innovate our adversaries.Innovation is a long, treacherous, and sometimes, lonely…

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