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DoD Panel - Zero Trust Symposium - Day 02 - Session 14

David Bychkov from DAU leads a Zero Trust Discussion Panel with representatives from the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Space Force, and Army.

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David Voelker - DON CIO ZT Major Design Concept Day 02 - Session 13

Implementing Zero Trust is a key component of the Department of Navy's Capstone Design Concept for Information Superiority. Mr. David Voelker, DON CIO ZT lead, looks at the way ahead for the…

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Jay Bonci - DAF Roadmap Integration - Day 02 - Session 12

Mr Jay Bonci, Department of the Air Force, Chief Technology Officer, discusses how the Air Force Roadmap for Zero Trust aligns and integrates with the DoD ZT Strategy and DoD Roadmaps.

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Jason Murillo - ZT Leadership & Culture, From Threat to Surviving - Zero Trust Day 02 - Session 11

This era of constant crisis, burnout, and resignation is putting our cybersecurity organizations at increased risk of failure. Mr. Jason Murillo shares insight on how to go from the threat of burnout…

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Tim Denman - Zero Trust Training Vision - Day 02 - Session 10

Training and cultural change must be at the forefront of the DoD's Strategy for implementing Zero Trust across the DoD Information Network. Tim Denman shares the ZT training vision for DAU and…

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George Finney - Zero Trust: Every Step Matters - Day 02 - Session 09

Every step matters in the Zero Trust process. There are security, privacy and policy concerns that must be understood. Mr. George Finney, author of Project Zero Trust and several cybersecurity…

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Dr. Andrew Grotto - Zero Trust: Liability, Accountability, and the National Cybersecurity Strategy - Day 02 - Session 08

If Zero Trust is to be implemented across the United States, policy must enforce it and quality and implementation efforts must be measured. Dr. Andrew Grotto shares incentivization strategies and…

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Ben Koontz - Zero Trust in an Army Tactical Environment - Day 02 - Session 07

Zero Trust can be implemented using fielded hardware and software. Benn Koontz has proven this in an Army tactical environment and shares how soldiers are being equipped for ZT implementation.

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Randy Resnick - DoD’s Zero Trust Strategy and Implementation - Day 02 - Session 06

Mr. Randy Resnick, Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office Lead, lays out the DoD Zero Trust implementation vision and paths ahead as organizations across the DoD begin implementing the DoD ZT…

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Industry Panel - Zero Trust Symposium - Day 02 - Session 05

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) pulls together a team of Zero Trust experts as they discuss the implementation of ZT for Industry across the globe. Mr. Erik Johnson (CSA) facilitates this important…

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Karen Uttecht - Zero Trust Case Studies - Day 02 -Session 04

Ms. Karen Uttecht, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, takes Zero Trust from theory to reality as she discusses ZT implementation at Netflix and for a small federal government organization. The lessons learned…

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Kevin Brink - Zero Trust Security Strategy - Day 02 - Session 03

Based on lessons learned from a Zero Trust implementation, Mr. Kevin Brink shares insights and lessons learned. He shatters ZT myths and emphasizes that cultural change is the most critical change in…

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Dr. Brian Hermann - Practical Zero Trust for DoD: Beyond the Buzzwords - Day 02 - Session 02

Dr. Brian Hermann, DISA Director for Cybersecurity & Analytics, share practical insights into incrementally implementing Zero Trust. Dr. Hermann also discusses DISA's Thunderdome…

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Daniele Catteddu - What Any Executive Needs to Know About Zero Trust-Day 02 - Session 01

Mr. Daniele Catteddu, Cloud Security Alliance Chief Technology Officer, provides insight into the changing computing landscape that is dominated by cloud applications and increased complexity. Mr.…

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DAFA Panel - Zero Trust Symposium - Day 01 - Session 12

Mr. Tom Hurt, moderates a Defense Agencies and Field Activities (DAFA) discussion panel that includes representatives from the US Army Cyber Center Center of Excellence, Defense Acquisition…

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Col Gary Kipe - DoD’s Zero Trust Strategy, Goals & Training Vision - Day 01 - Session 11

Col. Gary Kipe, DoD CIO ZT Portfolio Management Office, examines the goals of the DoD Zero Trust Strategy and stresses the importance of collaboration with industry and the DoD in this challenging…

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