Featured Channel - DAU Web Events

  • From Heather Winstead

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    What is digital engineering? What makes digital engineering different from classical systems engineering, and why does this matter for developing the complex systems…
  • From Emmett Simmons

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    Description: In any given workplace, there are up to five different generations being represented. Every generation has formative experiences that shaped their…
  • From Emmett Simmons

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    Description:The SD-22 DMSMS Management Guidebook provides best practices for implementing an effective Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)…

Featured Playlist - Perspectives of Acquisition Leaders (PALs)

  • From Michael Roche

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    The guest speaker for today’s session is LTG David Bassett, who currently serves as Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). Prior to that, LTG…
  • From Thomas Bagwell

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    The guest speaker for today’s session Mr. Scott Davis, who serves as the Vice President for Ground Vehicles, Combat Mission Systems, BAE. He is responsible for…
  • From Thomas Bagwell

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    Our guest speaker for today’s session is Mr. Kevin Fahey. He serves as the Senior Vice President for the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and…

Featured Channel - Small Business

  • From James Valley

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    Scott and Jim talk with Ken Carkhuff, Learning Director at DAU, for Small Business Programs, on CON 0090, Strategies for Contracting for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned…
  • From Dennis Eisenstein

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    Registration DetailsDate: 14 June 2023Time: 1300-1430 EDTWho Should Attend: Everyone interested in working with Small Business Concerns(Government, Military, Academia,…
  • From James Valley

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    Scott and Jim talk with Ken Carkhuff, Learning Director at DAU, for SBP 1010 (replacing SBP 101), Introduction to Small Business Programs, Part A, Course. If you had a…

Featured Channel - Contracting Conversations

  • From James Valley

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    In this segment with Darren Sackett, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 3990V, the CON Certification Exam. Darren updates us on how test takers are doing so far…
  • From James Valley

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    Scott and Jim talk with Dr. Renee Butler, DAU's Learning Director for pricing, cost, and finance for the overall Cost and Pricing Credentials. She will talk about…
  • From James Valley

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    Jim and Scott meet with Mark Jenkins (on camera!!), the Learning Asset Manager for DAU's Provision and Clause Matrix. This matrix is highly popular amongst all…

Featured Playlist - Let's Get Digital Webinar Series

  • From Heather Winstead

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    System Resilience is the ability of an engineered system (or System of Systems) to provide required capability when facing adversity. For the purpose of resilience,…
  • From Heather Winstead

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    The Department of Defense (DoD) continues its commitment to Digital Engineering. Shortly after the release of the DoD Digital Engineering Strategy, each of the services…
  • From Christi Babington

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    Description: Digital Engineering is an integrated digital approach that uses authoritative sources of systems' data and models as a continuum across disciplines to…

Featured Playlist - Let's Talk Agile

  • From Christi Babington

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    Special operations forces (SOF) are military units that conduct special operations using unconventional techniques and modes of employment1. SOF service members are…
  • From Christi Babington

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    Description: Space Systems Command, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is responsible for developing, acquiring, equipping, fielding, and sustaining lethal and…
  • From Christi Babington

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    The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) continues to drive digital transformation of personnel vetting and industrial security missions through the…

Featured Channel - Office Hours

  • From Olivia Hoback

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    Topic: Critical lessons learned/best practices supporting combat operations and natural disaster recovery efforts
  • From Evelyn Hernandez

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    May 23, 2023, Topic: COR Communications led by DAU Professor Bill Bailey
  • From Olivia Hoback

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    Topic: Pre-mission Planning, Vendor Vetting and OCSIC Successes

Featured Channel - Cybersecurity

  • From David Herding

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    This video helps to recognize the stages of a cyberattack: Stage 1: ReconnaissanceStage 2: Weaponization Stage 3: Delivery Stage 4: Exploitation Stage…
  • From Tim Denman

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    Randy Resnick is the ZT PfMO Director
  • From Tim Denman

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    Our adversaries are in our networks, exfiltrating our data, and exploiting the Department’s users. The rapid growth of these offensive threats emphasizes the need…

Featured Playlist - Back - to - Basics

  • From Scott Bauer

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    As DoD continues to modernize DAWIA implementation, the Back-to-Basics framework aligns the acquisition workforce to better focus our resources. The updated framework…
  • From Scott Hanger

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    As you continue throughout your Auditing career, your understanding of product support and contracted services between customer and contractor will progress as you gain…
  • From Scott Bauer

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    The Department of Defense is modernizing its implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act to better align its acquisition workforce resources. The…