Featured Channel - DAU Web Events

  • From Emmett Simmons

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    Cyber Analytics and Detection (CAD) provides essential capabilities required to protect against, search and discover, mitigate and engage, and eradicate advanced…
  • From Emmett Simmons

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    DESCRIPTION: As a defense acquisition professional do you ever wonder what the relationship is between strategy and culture? Peter Drucker, a famous management…
  • From Emmett Simmons

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    In a finite game, there is a clearly defined end point and there are winners and losers. In an infinite game, all parties are working to keep the game in play. There are…

Featured Playlist - Contracting Certification

  • From Stefani Jensen

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    You asked and we listened! DAU is pleased to present a three part series which will provide an overview of the new contracting certification courses and certification…
  • From Stefani Jensen

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    From Part 1 of our Contracting Certification Courses and Exam Webinar Series, this is the video excerpt that talks about the CON BtB Overview. This webinar will…
  • From Stefani Jensen

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    In this session the DAU Learning Asset Manager for CON 1100V, Contract Foundational Skills, provides a summary of the course and answers questions from the web audience.…

Featured Channel - Other Transaction Authority (OTA)

  • From Kevin Linden

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    Join us for DAU's next monthly OTA Today webinar series: Consortia 102. We have four expert panelists who will guide us through the fundamentals of a consortium,…
  • From Kevin Linden

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    Description: Other Transaction Authority (OTA) does not follow typical FAR-based auditing rules...so how does it work? Join DAU for our next OTA Today webinar:…
  • From Kevin Linden

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    What is a Tech Bridge? And how do they fit into the acquisition and OTA context? Join DAU for our next OTA Today webinar: Tech Bridge 101. Join DAU and an all-star team…

Featured Channel - Contracting Conversations

  • From James Valley

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    In this segment with Hal McAlduff, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 1200V, he talks about the structure of the course, what you will learn. and how to be…
  • From James Valley

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    In this segment with Mark Jenkins, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 1100V, he talks about what you will learn. A few good links for additional information: …
  • From James Valley

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    Information on CON 1100V from the Learning Asset Manager, Mark Jenkins. Some areas discussed in this interview are how to prepare for the course and how the course is…