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Cost Accounting Standards Forward Pricing Rate Agreements Office Hours

DAU, College of Contract Management(CCM) Quarterly Office Hours, with CCM Professors of Contracting focused on Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Forward Pricing Rates (inclusive of Cost and Rate…

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Logistics LIVE: FIAR - Why should I care?

What is Financial Improvement Audit Remediation, and why should I care? How does FIAR impact logistics, operational readiness and my resources? Join in for an engaging interview with the experts…

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CCON 010 - Special Topics in Contract Pricing Credential

Scott and Jim talk Kurt Chelf and Judy Whalen, DAU's Learning Asset Managers for the courses under CCON 010, Special Topics in Contract Pricing Credential. They will talk about how the…

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Cost Assessment Data Enterprise CADE for Acquisitions 10.28.20

This webcast will discuss how the Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDRs) in Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE) can be used to inform crucial decisions about system design and program…

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ODCFO_Property Accountability and Accounting

This "Property Accountability and Accounting " video is part of a presentation given by Ms. Mogola Kadiri, SES/FIAR Director for Office of OUSD(C) during a DAU Acquisition Training…

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CostTech_Matt Ambrose

DAU Professor Matt Ambrose describes the four main cost estimating techniques used in Department of Defense Acquisition. He covers the analogy, parametric, engineering and actual cost methods of cost…

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QCO Risk Assessment

QCO Risk Assessment

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TAD FPRP Model Part One

FPRP Walkthrough Part One

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Overview of the DCMA FPRP/FPRA/FPRR CMO Team

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness

FIAR presentation by Dr. Potter

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Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Cost Estimation (ARRT-CE) used to prepare the Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)

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CMC 210 Week 1 Video

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FIAR Methodology & Roles and Responsibilities

This video concludes the FIAR video series by discussing the methodology that has been adopted to implement audit readiness. Viewers are also informed about the various roles and…

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FIAR Waves 3 & 4

This video continues the discussion on the FIAR by introducing the audience to the key facts of Wave 3 (Mission Critical Asset Existence) and Wave 4 (Full Audit Except for Existing Asset Valuation).…

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FIAR Waves 1 & 2

This video provides insight into FIAR Wave 1 (Appropriations Received) and FIAR Wave 2 (Statement of Budgetary Resources). Details are provided to help the audience understand the goals of the FIAR…

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Overview

Thisvideo introduces the topic of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR). It provides a brief overview of the why FIAR is important and how FIAR has been structured/implemented within the…

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