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Marina Theodotou: Building Blocks of a Learning Ecosystem

Learning content is taking many new forms in many contexts. A podcast like this one serves as an example. We're joined by Dr. Marina Theodotou of DAU, co-author of FORWARD FOCUSED LEARNING…

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Leading Acquisition Growing Your Network 12.2.20

Who do you turn to for advice or assistance? This webcast explores how to grow your network of co-workers to benefit you, your team, and your program or organization. We look at ways you can expand…

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Kessel Run: a "Day in the Life" at a DoD Software Factory

The Kessel Run team gives us a glimpse of what life is like in a modern software development organization in DoD. Successful change management, and modern software practices such as DevSecOps and…

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PM Reflections Episode 4

In the fourth installment of PM Reflections, Ron Bishop, a retired Navy O-6, reflects back on his tenure as a Major Program Manager at the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command

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PM Reflections Episode 1

Hosted by Defense Acquisition University Faculty, Eric Ferraro, episode one features Navy Captain (Retired) Mike Abreau, the former Major Program Manager for PMW 205 - Navy Enterprise Networks…

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Echo - Taking an ACAT 1 program from an idea without staffing or funding to delivering the first product in 18 months.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" COL Rich Haggerty discusses how his team when charged with an ACAT 1 program without either defined requirements, staffing…

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EP002: Marc Rosenberg on Learning Culture

We interview consultant/writer/learning expert, Marc Rosenberg, on Learning Culture. What is a learning culture and how do you make it grow in your organization?

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Agile Software Development

Mr. Chris Collins and Mr. Robert Thomas are DAU's Agile SMEs. They created this class to increase the department's awareness of the Agile software development methodology. This video…

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