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Requirements and Stakeholder Management Process

Description:All sizes of business enterprises in our modern world are confronted with increasing levels of complexity. Organizations, from large to small, are bombarded with competing priorities…

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ETM 1020, Lesson 3, Establishing and Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships

 Given a stakeholder management approach, students will understand why knowing the different stakeholders is an important component of mission and systems thinking. Understand why building and…

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Step 2: Review Current Strategy

This video provides an overview of the purpose and sub steps for Step 2, Review Current Strategy.

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ARRT-RD Overview

Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Requirements Definition (ARRT-RD). Overview video

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Team Charter

Team Charter template from the service acquisition mall (SAM)

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A description of a stakeholder analysis and templates available on the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM)

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A description of a Communications Plan and the CommPlan template on SAM.

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Step 5 of the 7-Step Services Acquisition Process.

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Admiral Hilarides Stakeholder Communications

Admiral Hilarides discusses the importance of good communication with Program Stakeholders.

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