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CON Certification Courses and Exam Webinar Series-20221025 final

Back by popular demand, DAU is pleased to present a webinar to discuss the new CON Certification courses. This will be an forum for us to discuss our lessons learned, and hear about your lessons…

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CON 1100V - Contract Foundational Skills - What You Will Learn

In this segment with Mark Jenkins, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 1100V, he talks about what you will learn. A few good links for additional information: DAU's Contracting BtB…

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CON 1100V - Contract Foundational Skills - How the Course is Structured

Information on CON 1100V from the Learning Asset Manager, Mark Jenkins. Some areas discussed in this interview are how to prepare for the course and how the course is structured. A couple good links…

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An Introduction to Contracting Certification

This short video produced by Mark Jenkins, Joni Dowling, and the 4th estate DACM office, walks new 1102s through the new Contracting Certification Training Program.

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Contracting Continuum

Demonstration of the range of options that should be considered when defining a requirement and making a contract decision.

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CON 1100V U02 Introduction Video

The purpose of this video is to provide an Introduction to the Contracting Lifecycle unit 02, in CON 1100V.

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Contract Types

This video (created by DAU faculty member Mark Jenkins in collaboration with Katie Keller), walks learners through the most common contract types IAW FAR Part 16, and demonstrates how each functions.…

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