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GAO Highlights: Fraud Risk Management Webinar

Event Title: GAO Highlights: Fraud Risk Management Event Date: 15 February 2024 Event Times (Eastern): 1400-1530 ETCLP’s: 1.5Who Should Attend: Defense Acquisition Workforce personnel who want…

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Logistics LIVE Strengthening the DoD through Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management 10.16.23

The Department of Defense (DoD) faces persistent cybersecurity threats against its systems, posed by entities within the global supply chain for information and communications technology products and…

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DCMA QA Risk Assessment Overview

Short overview of the DCMA Risk Assessment process. The intent of this video is to offer a top-level overview of the DCMA Risk Assessment process. It is not intended to cover every…

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Management By Exception (Performing Variance Analysis)

The fourth of four videos in the Performing Variance Analysis series. Describes how to intelligently inform Management by Exception using EVM as a tool.

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Understanding the Threat - The Impact of Adversaries on Acquisition Webinar

Description: The 21 IS Intel Operations Flight Squadron will be providing an UNCLASSIFIED brief covering a multitude of threats to the acquisition community and the DoD from Russia, Iran, North…

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Dynamics of Sociotechnical Systems 6.1.23

Systems engineering is working more in a sociotechnical context - this means viewing social concepts through a systems science lens for use in systems engineering practice, and technology policy…

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DCMA Supplier Risk System; DCMA Cost and Pricing Regional Command CACO/DACO Group; The Contractor Business Analysis Repository (CBAR) Tool (4.11.23)

Description: (Click on the Down Arrow at the top of the video screen to download presentations from this Webinar) During this Webinar DCMA will address the following topics:1. DCMA Supplier Risk…

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The DoD Risk Management Process 4.5.23

Description: In this seminar we will discuss Risk Management, Issue Management, and Opportunity Management, and how they can be integrated into the Program Office. Each program has a risk profile…

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AFICC Enterprise Crosstalk - February 16, 2023

The Air Force Installation Contracting Center Crosstalk Purpose…To share Operational Acquisition activities and best practices to improve cross organizational knowledge, collaboration and…

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DAU || What is Artificial Intelligence? Created for DoD & Federal employees

This DAU foundational AI course video is intended to help DoD professionals gain AI-literacy and manage or work on an AI acquisition program. What's in it for you? Detailed coverage of the AI…

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Why? The Value of Earned Value (Placing EVM on Contract)

The first of five videos in the Placing EVM on Contract series. Describes how EVM can be used as a risk management tool.

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Contract Risk Assessment (Conducting an IBR)

The first of four videos in the Conducting an IBR series. Covers the five risk areas assessed during an Integrated Baseline Review.

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AM Zone Episode 2: Supply Support

AM Zone Episode 2: Supply Support In this episode, Dee Struction utilizes a new supplier to additively manufacture a part when something goes wrong. Codi Wright teleports in to assist with the…

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Independent Technical Risk Assessment Overview 5.25.21

This session will provide an overview of the statutory ITRA for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs). The ITRA uses seven factors to assess eight technical risk areas. This session will cover…

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CMA241, GFRC, Definitions

This learning asset describes the definitions defined within DAFRS 252.228-7001, Ground and Flight Risk clause. Definitions are required in order to properly define the depth and breadth of…

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CMI 130 Risk Assessment

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