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Accelerating Technology Development - "Or Through the Valley of Death"

While it is a lofty goal to move technology development faster, how do we actually make that happen? This session offers some thoughts and ideas on how this goal can be implemented.

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Maintaining DoD's Technological Advantage: The Role of Intellectual Property (IP): IP Strategies, Segregation, & Modulation

This presentation discusses the role of Intellectual Property, (IP), specifically IP strategies, segregation and modulation in acquiring and delivering capabilities faster and maintaining DoD's…

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Research Paper Winners – "OTA: Saint or Sinner?" and "Best Practices for Info Systems Using Agile or DevOps"

The DAU Alumni Association, a cooperative program with the DAU Director of Research, awards cash prizes to the top three papers submitted;for the Edward Hirsch Acquisition and Writing Award…

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Middle Tier Acquisition: Accelerating the Process for Rapid Prototyping and Fielding

This WebEx recording is from the Middle Tier Acquisition training session during the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium held on 3 April 2019. This is a panel discussion.

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ODCFO_Property Accountability and Accounting

This "Property Accountability and Accounting " video is part of a presentation given by Ms. Mogola Kadiri, SES/FIAR Director for Office of OUSD(C) during a DAU Acquisition Training…

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