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The 4th Industrial Revolution with Jonathan Reichental 11.29.23

This session will be a fireside chat with DAU's George Vukotich and Jonathan Reichental who has over 2 million viewers of his LinkedIn Learning courses related to innovation and technology. With…

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Enhancing Best Value Determination An Effective Approach to Evaluating Risks in Source Selection

Enhancing Best Value Determination: An Effective Approach to Evaluating Risks in Source SelectionJoin us while we gain a comprehensive understanding of how risks and risk mitigations are gathered and…

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Manufacturing and Quality Engineering During Early System Development 6.21.23

Description: Feedback from a previous survey of the Department of Defense (DoD) production, quality and manufacturing workforce indicated that often manufacturing and quality (M&Q) specialist are…

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Innovation Sparks How Tech Hubs Incubators and Universities engage innovators to thrive 6.14.23

Description: This session will have a distinguished panel of experts from organizations such as the: National Security Innovation Network NSIN, Defense Innovation Unit DIU, and AFWERX giving viewers…

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Understanding DoD Cloud Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

This is a 24 minute video that explains how the Cloud is created, and how it is being crated through DoD infrastructure as code initiatives. This is a intended as a prerequisite to a coming video…

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ETM 1020, Lesson 7, Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Part 2

Given the principles of the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), you will understand the benefits of following a MOSA.  Understand the importance of reference architectures as the foundation of…

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ETM 1020, Lesson 6, Threats, System Survivability and Prototyping

Given adversity, disruptive technologies, and/or evolving technology threats, you will understand why prototyping is critical to cost-effective, timely DoD capability development and mission…

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Accelerating Technology Development - "Or Through the Valley of Death"

While it is a lofty goal to move technology development faster, how do we actually make that happen? This session offers some thoughts and ideas on how this goal can be implemented.

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Maintaining DoD's Technological Advantage: The Role of Intellectual Property (IP): IP Strategies, Segregation, & Modulation

This presentation discusses the role of Intellectual Property, (IP), specifically IP strategies, segregation and modulation in acquiring and delivering capabilities faster and maintaining DoD's…

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR): Tools & Strategies for Program Technology Development presented by Michael Catudo the Assistant Director of Small Business Programs for DoD. …

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Additive Manufacturing Lesson 6.3

For this lecture, we return to America Makes and engage our industry experts, Dr. Amy Elliott and Kevin Collier, in a discussion of key issues that they see as needing attention over the next several…

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Additive Manufacturing Lesson 2.1

Highlights covered in this video: Additive manufacturing is a better term to use than 3D printing because among other reasons, all the processes included in the technology set are additive but not…

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Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Phase Overview

DAU Professor Matt Ambrose provides an overview of the Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Phase of the Defense Acquisition System as described in the Department of Defense Instruction…

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