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After Hours Series: Colors of Money 6.16.20

Professor Dana Stewart will cover all of the different DOD Appropriations to include the scope and thresholds as applicable. This includes the different funding policies for each DOD Appropriation. …

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DAU Afterhours: Facility Capital/Cost of Money 5.12.20

If you've ever heard that facility capital cost of money is just another way to cover contractor interest costs, you need to tune into this session to clear up this misunderstanding.

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DAU Afterhours: The Changes Clause 5.5.20

Watch this session to learn the power and the limitations of this series of clauses included in most DoD non-commercial contracts.

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DAU Afterhours: Organizational Conflict of Interest 5.8.20

More and more as the Department of Defense depends on contractor expertise, it faces issues with organizational conflicts of interest. Participate in the session to gain a fuller understanding of…

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