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CON 0390 - Contingency Contracting Simulation - Barda Bridge

In this segment, Jim and Scott talk with Bill Long, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 0390 - Contingency Contracting Simulation-Barda Bridge. This is a very unique course where you literally…

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We're joined by learning expert and author Clark Aldrich to discuss his new book, SHORT SIMS: A GAME CHANGER. Taking an efficient and natural approach to instruction, a Short Sim presents the…

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Episode 27: Julie Dirksen on Flow State and Learning

Julie Dirksen, author of the popular DESIGN FOR HOW PEOPLE LEARN visits with us to discuss the subject of Flow State as applied to Instructional Design. A Learning Circle favorite, this is…

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EP018: Karl Kapp on Why Games Work

Games aren't merely a fun factor. There's science behind their effectiveness in motivating learning, enhancing memory and improving performance. We explore the theory behind games and…

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EP013: Alicia Sanchez on Games and Simulation, Part 2

We visit with Dr. Alicia Sanchez once more to discuss the unique opportunities offered by games and simulation.

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EP003: Alicia Sanchez on Games and Simulation

We discuss games and simulation with DAU Games Czar, Dr. Alicia Sanchez: who they're for, their role in learning, the process to develop them, and more.

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