Featured Playlist - Intellectual Property and Data Rights

  • From Vicki Allums

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    This video discusses assertion tables, which requires contractors to identify any noncommercial data (i.e. technical data and computer software) to be delivered or…
  • From Vicki Allums

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    This video discusses critical components of acquiring technology in DoD contracts including deliverable basics, access v. delivery, contract data requirement lists…
  • From Vicki Allums

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    This video discusses special purpose data rights clauses and rights in copyrightable works not covered by the DFARS clauses.

Featured Playlist - Protests

  • From Cindy Baker

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    Protests Introduction
  • From Cindy Baker

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    Pre-Award Protest Process
  • From Cindy Baker

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    Post Award Protest Process

Most Recent

  • From Donna Carroll

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    Discusses how to be a better leader by asking better questions.
  • From Ronald Tann

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    Describes to students how to get around MS Teams offering, where student material is located, how to complete pre-course work, how to join a meeting and submit…
  • From Anthony Rotolo

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    We're joined by Dr. Michael Santens, DAU Georgetown Professor to discuss STTR - The Small Business Technology Transfer program, its phases, and unique benefits to…

Most Popular

  • From Scott Bauer

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    As DoD looks to modernize its implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act, the new Back-to-Basics (BtB) framework will align resources to better…
  • From Raymond Ward

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    This short video describes DAU's mission and resources available to the acquisition workforce.
  • From Carole Green

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    This video introduces the essential elements of a contract.