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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 01: OTs are new and have been rarely used

This video busts the myth that Other Transactions are new and have been rarely used.

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Defense Technical Information Center Tools 10.17.18

This was a discussion by Roger Garay, DTIC Guest Speaker, hosted by Darren Rhyne, CNE Engineering, Technology and Logistics covering tools and services available to DoD acquisition professionals.

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Echo - Taking an ACAT 1 program from an idea without staffing or funding to delivering the first product in 18 months.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" COL Rich Haggerty discusses how his team when charged with an ACAT 1 program without either defined requirements, staffing…

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EP022: Judith Bayliss: Innovation as Discovery

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to make an innovative breakthrough. By seeing with new eyes, we can approach old problems in fresh ways and surprise ourselves with solutions. DAU Chief Education…

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Echo - Cutting FAR 16.5 Contract Award Times in Half

This Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" has Amy Smith sharing how she and her team leveraged the flexibility of the FAR to tailor several contract awards and in doing…

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EP019: Clark Quinn on 21st Century Learning

Technology is the disruptor of our time and its effects are no less felt in the Learning world. We discuss innovation with author Clark Quinn - how it's become the price of entry and how we must…

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR): Tools & Strategies for Program Technology Development presented by Michael Catudo the Assistant Director of Small Business Programs for DoD. …

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EP008: Judith Bayliss on Innovation

INNOVATION is a word that adorns many glossy business magazine covers. But pushing past the bright, shiny objects that romanticize the topic, how does innovation manifest itself, and what's…

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Ms. Sharie Bourbeau - Thoughts on Senior Leadership

Sheryl "Sharie" Bourbeau is the former Executive Director of the Naval Sea Systems Command (equivalent to a three-star admiral). This video discusses planning and qualications to achieve…

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