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Developing IP Licenses for Additive Manufacturing in Contested Environments

Event Date: 11 July 2024 Event Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CLPs: 1.5 Event Description: Join in the discussion with a panel of subject matter experts in Advanced Manufacturing (AM), depot level…

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The Supply Chain Risk Game-Peter Guinto, Resilinc-NCMA/DAU NEXUS 2024

In this episode of Contracting Conversations, Jim and Scott return to the table with Peter Guinto of Resilinc to open the box on his game of risk. We'll hear how he uses this simulation to…

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Product Support Delta Course 2024 - Lesson 4 - Getting Ahead of the Failure - Conditioned Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) and Other Proactive Measures

The digital domain feeds Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+). Stay ahead of the curve with our upcoming webinar, "Getting Ahead of the Failure," where we unravel the transformative…

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PBL Best Practices Video

In this video, Ms. Lisa P. Smith, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support, provides her perspective on Performance Based Logistics (PBL), followed by two practitioners…

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Stop Acting Surprised--Program and Budget for DMSMS

This panel provides a discussion on proactive approaches that led to successful programming and budgeting for resources to support DMSMS management operations and resolutions in major DoD weapon…

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Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) Functional Area

This video provides an overview of the dynamic, rapidly-evolving and fast-paced world of Life Cycle Logistics. The Life Cycle Logistics logo depicts the LCL carrying all twelve of the integrated…

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Beyond the Basics – Ignite Your Professional Growth - Life Cycle Logistics 8.31.23

Description:Take Your Career Higher! Join "Not Just the Basics" with Bill Kobren, Center Director for Life Cycle Logistics. In just 90 minutes, gain insights into certifications and…

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Logistics LIVE Ready Aim FIAR and Product Support 8.21.23

Description: Join in and learn the biggest sustainment drivers in audit and FIAR compliance. How does the LCL fit into audit, and what can they do to help? Speaker:Amber Propert, Logistics FIAR…

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Sustainment Series People Our Most Lethal Weapon System and the Key to Integrated Deterrence 5.31.23

Event Description DAU has partnered with the Institute for Defense and Business (IDB) to bring you senior executive perspectives on the partnership between Defense and Business and the critical…

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Logistics Live Keys to Product Support Success 5.31.23

Description: Join us to find out from a current Product Support Manager on keys to Product Support success! LCL News with Autumn Budding, Professor, Life Cycle Logistics Speaker:Matthew Cosgrove,…

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PS Delta Course - Lesson 3 - Going Digital 5.1.23

Description:What is the current state of Digital Product Support? How do I support the 12 IPS elements in this new world, and what is the Authoritative Source of Truth? Find out these answers, as…

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Setting Yourself Up for SUCCESS Newly Published Manual on DMSMS Management (DoDM 4245.15) 4.20.23

Description:Overview of DoDM published in Oct 2022 which provides mandatory procedures for implementing DoD Instruction 4245.15 on DMSMS Management. Speaker:Tracy Daubenspeck, SME, LMI

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Sustainment Series - Independent Logistics Assessments - Driving Effective Assessment of Product Support Strategies 4.18.23

Description: The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support, DASD(PS), has published an updated DoD ILA Guidebook. In this web event, Ms Lisa P. Smith, DASD(PS), provides her…

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Logistics LIVE Contract Data Rights 4.17.23

Description:What kind of data do I need and what are some strategies to get it? Join in to hear from a panel of experts on Intellectual Property and get answers to your questions.Speakers:Ms. Vicki…

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LCL News - 04.2023 LCL Quick Reference Resource List

This episode of the Life Cycle Logistics News comes from the March 3, 2023, DAU Log Blog on the Life Cycle Logistics Quick Reference Resource List and includes 19 references.

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PS Delta Course - Lesson 2 - Demystifying the Version 3 LCSP 4.3.23

Description: Are you dazed or confused by the new LCSP Version 3 Outline? Tune in to demystify the changes in the format, focus, and requirements. Then ask your questions to a panel of experts.…

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