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CCON 021 - Contracting for Research and Development Credential

In this segment, Jim and Scott talk with Mark Jenkins, DAU's Learning Director and Learning Asset Manager for CCON 021 - Contracting for Research and Development Credential. Mark lets us know…

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DoD FFRDC Overview

The federal government supports Research & and Development (R&D) that is conducted by a wide variety of institutions. There is a special class of research institutions referred to as…

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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 9: OT authorities can only use RDT&E appropriations

This video busts the myth that the OT authorities can only use RDT&E appropriations.

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DAU Podcast: An Interview with DIUx's Lauren Schmidt

Lauren Schmidt, Pathways Director at DIUx, shares success stories about using OTAs to interest commercial research and development companies in non-FAR based acquisitions.

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Additive Manufacturing Lesson 4.2

This lecture explores the first of two topics related to the first quadrant of our additive manufacturing framework: product development. We begin by understanding the various ways in which additive…

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