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After Hours Series: Colors of Money 6.16.20

Professor Dana Stewart will cover all of the different DOD Appropriations to include the scope and thresholds as applicable. This includes the different funding policies for each DOD Appropriation. …

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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 09: OT authorities can only use RDT&E appropriations

This video busts the myth that the OT authorities can only use RDT&E appropriations.

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Congressional Funds Enactment

This video outlines and describes the three steps in the Fiscal Enactment Process; Budget Resolution, Authorization, and Appropriations.

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Continuing Resolution Authority

This video defines and outlines the purpose of a Continuing Resolution Authority (CRA) along with a little historical perspective.

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Appropriations Life Cycle

Short video that discusses what Appropriations are, Types & Time periods for usage and the Appropriation Life Cycle.

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