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SBP 210V (2100V) - Subcontracting Course

Scott and Jim talk with Ken Carkhuff, Learning Director at DAU, for SBP 210V, Subcontracting Course. If you had a chance to listen to the Small Business Credential, CSBP 001 podcast, SBP 101, and…

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Small Business Series - Subcontracting and Small Business Participation-20221013

This session will clarify the difference between complying with the FAR requirements for small business subcontracting plans and the requirement to evaluate small business participation for bundled…

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All Things Small Business: Christopher Clarke, SBA: Limitations on Subcontracting

Christopher Clarke of the SBA speaks to the subject of Limitations on Subcontracting in this episode of All Things Small Business. Listen on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.…

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Striking the Balance - Subcontracting 15 Dec 2021

Web Event in Striking the Balance series that was live on 15 December 2021.

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2. CMC233 FPRA VC2

Second video in VC of CMC233. Describes current emphasis on indirect rates and FPRA at DCMA.

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Applying Earned Value Management (EVM) to Contracts

Applying Earned Value Management (EVM) to Contracts from EVM101.

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CTEC 210 File

Place holder video in support of Contract Audit Follow Up, CMC210 development.

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Protecting the DoD's Unclassified Information -- Defining the Landscape

The threats facing the DoD's unclassified information have dramatically increased as we provide more services online, digitally store data, and rely on contractors for a variety of information…

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