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How ChatGPT Works

For a more detailed explanation watch, "How AI Learns to Talk", here:

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AI on AI in the DoD - An Interview with ChatGPT

Exploring AI's Role in Defense: An Expert Interview with ChatGPT. Join us in this enlightening interview with ChatGPT, OpenAI's conversational AI, as we delve into the dynamic world of…

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How AI Learns to See Part 2 - A Deeper Dive into CNNs

In this video, we revisit part 1 and the inception of convolutional operations in AI vision. We then dive into the concepts of zero-padding and enhancing our image processing technique. We unpack the…

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The Difference Between Discriminative and Generative AI Models

In this short video, we briefly discuss the difference between Discriminative and Generative models in neural networks. Get a quick understanding of how each type works and where they are commonly…

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An Envisioned AI Ecosystem - A North Star for DoD Navigation

This video explores the AI Ecosystem, the need for DoD to invest in it, and the National Commission on Artificial Intelligence's (NSCAI's) vision for that Ecosystem. The NSCAI's final…

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An Urgent Need for a DoD AI Ready Force

Are we in the midst of an AI arms race? TIME magazine's cover in March 2023 posed this very question. This brief video delves into the growing concern surrounding the role of AI in national…

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Applying Ethical Principles to Machine Learning

This video explores applying DoD’s ethical principles to machine learning use-cases. It will help the viewer understand the nuances involved with developing and using artificial intelligence…

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Campaign for an AI Ready Force & the 4 Pillars of AI Readiness

Achieving an AI Ready Force will better position DoD to seize opportunities and respond to threats in the rapidly emerging area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This video introduces DoD’s…

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AI Courses Available Now at DAU's Virtual Campus!

You can access hundreds of courses on AI and other topics through the DAU Virtual Campus. There are literally 100s of courses available to DoD members, not only from DAU, but from many other…

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Insights Into the Fundamentals of a Simple Neural Network

This video provides insights into the fundamentals of simple feed forward neural network. In simple to understand language, it steps the viewer through an elementary network architecture, the…

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