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How ChatGPT Works

For a more detailed explanation watch, "How AI Learns to Talk", here:

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DAU || What is Machine Learning? Created for DoD & Federal employees

This DAU foundational AI-Machine Learning (ML) course video is intended to help DoD professionals gain AI-literacy and manage or work on an AI acquisition program. What's in it for you?…

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Competing to Win Managing for the Long Game 5.3.222

In a finite game, there is a clearly defined end point and there are winners and losers. In an infinite game, all parties are working to keep the game in play. There are no winners or losers, but…

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Competing to Win - Driving Innovation in Acquisition 4.5.22

Description: What more can defense acquisition do to make innovation part of the way we do business? DoD innovation cells, initiatives, and programs already are making a difference. Local adoption…

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