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UPDATE - Effective 1 Oct 2023 - CON 3900V & CON 3910 - CON Certification Exam Prep Courses

In this segment with Amy Timmermann, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 3900V and 3910, the CON Certification Exam Prep Courses, she talks about the the changes to occur, starting 1 Oct 2023,…

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CON Certification Prep Course(s) and Exam Webinar 09/12/2023

This webinar discussed the latest news about the CON Certification Prep Course(s) (CON 3900V/CON 3910) and the CON Certification Exam (CON 3990V). This session highlighted some relevant statistics…

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Contracting Conversations - One Year Later (Yes! First Year Anniversary!!)

Welcome to Scott and Jim's First Year Anniversary podcast! Yes, they are showing video on this session, as there are no guests, and no real script to follow (as you will be able to tell -…

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