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Echo - Delivering Cyber Defensive Capabilities at the Speed of Relevance to the Warfighter

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" LTC Scott Helmore explains how the Army can respond to new cyber threats and have fielded solutions within 30 days. I…

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Echo - Taking an ACAT 1 program from an idea without staffing or funding to delivering the first product in 18 months.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" COL Rich Haggerty discusses how his team when charged with an ACAT 1 program without either defined requirements, staffing…

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ISA201 Lesson 8 Cybersecurity

ISA201 Lesson 8 Cybersecurity video for Pre-Part A.

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A New Approach to Cyber Software Assurance

Roy Wilson discusses Cyber Software Assurance.

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NAVAIR Cyber Controls.v2 (Basic Small - WEB MBL (H264-600))

NAVAIR Cyber Warfare Tech Director - 3 min video on NIST 800-53 security controls tailoring and assessment

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Cybersecurity in Program Acquisition - Dr Chris D'Ascenzo, DAU Professor of Program Management

DSMC Faculty Brown Bag by Dr Chris D'Ascenzo 19 October 2017 Chris provides an update on current topics in cybersecurity for DOD program managers. This includes an overview of current attacks…

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Protecting DoD's Unclassified Info - Part 1

First Video in a 3-Part Series on Protecting DoD's Unclassified Information.

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Cybersecurity and Acquisition Lifecycle Integration Tool (CALIT)

This video provides an overview of the Cybersecurity and Acquisition Lifecycle Integration Tool (CALIT).

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2nd version of NAVAIR Cyber Controls Video with Dr. Burke

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Hirsch Research Paper Competition 2017

Waelchli: Lecture / Announcement in Hirsch Research Paper Competition for 2017. Using Analytical Hierarchy and Analytical Network Processes to Create Cyber Security Metrics, George C. Wilamowski,…

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Cyber Security/Risk Mgmt Framework (RMF)

Cyber Security/Risk Mgmt Framework (RMF), DAU Coordinator - Mr. Tim Denman; Instructor - Mr. Tim Denman, DAU

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President's Opening Remarks 2016 DAU Training Symposium

DAU President, Jim Wolsey, provides opening remarks to the 2016 DAU Training Symposium.

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