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Human-AI Interface Reliability - PART 3 - 4.19.23

High Reliability Organizations have key behavioral attributes that permeate every level of the workforce to bring efficiency, tenacity, focus amidst disruption, and mission accomplishment with…

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5.0 Design Thinking

Introduces the concept of design thinking and keywords or phrases to help determine whether to use this type of thinking.

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Introduction to Design Thinking January 2021

Professor Eric Ferraro, a member of the faculty at the Defense Systems Management college at DAU provides an overview how to use a Design Thinking Approach to solving problems. The six step model and…

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Futures Thinking A Way to Look Into Your Future and Act on It 8.19.20

Serious people know that thinking about the future is frivolous; anyone not laser-focused on the acquisition problems of today is wasting time and money. Right? Wrong. To successfully confront the…

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UXD: Josh Flores and Scott Fouse discuss Design and UX 2.27.20

DAU Webcasts Josh Flores and Scott Fouse discuss Design and UX

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Think Differently: Design Thinking 2.12.20

Design thinking is a solution based approach to solving problems using innovative thinking and collaboration. Join us to hear about design thinking tried and tested use cases in the DoD from David…

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