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LinkedIn Learning & Skillsoft Percipio Learning Assets

Scott and Jim have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Jonathan Barkand, DAU's Learning Systems Project Manager, responsible for the addition of over 50,000 LinkedIn and Skillsoft Percipio learning…

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Purpose Motivates Performance, with Wendi Peck & Bill Casey

What role do clear meaning and purpose play in performance? Wendi Peck and Bill Casey of Executive Leadership Group ( join me to discuss "Success on Purpose," how the elevated…

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All Things Small Business: Wendi Peck & Bill Casey: Success on Purpose

Wendi Peck and Bill Casey comprise the leadership of Executive Leadership Group, Inc. ( ELG works at senior levels, providing consultation and advisory support on organizational culture,…

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CON 7420V - Learning Curve Analysis Course

In this segment, Jim and Scott talk with Steve Malashevitz, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 7420V - the Learning Curve Analysis Course. You will learn what the course is all about, what…

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Cheryl Johnson: AMBITION: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees

We sit down with Cheryl Johnson, Learning Consultant and author of the book, AMBITION: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees. We use the concepts of IQ and EQ and AQ (Ambition Quotient) as a…

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All Things Small Business: Ty Schieber (UVA) on Small Business and Lifelong Learning

Our guest is Ty Schieber, Managing Director at the University of Virginia (UVA), Darden, Executive Education and Lifelong Learning. We discuss UVA's impact upon individual employees, small…

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MS Edge Read Aloud

This (1.18) video provides our learners with the instructions on how to use the MS Edge "Read Aloud" function for Articulate Rise learning assets.

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Tim Slade: The ELearning Designer's Handbook

If we're honest, ELearning development can be overwhelming, especially for newer instructional designers. There's a wealth of theory to learn, plus multiple disciplines that come together…

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All Things Small Business: Learn to Win and NAVY PEO MLB

We've got a roundtable today! We explore the synergies between small business and government that redound to our warfighters. My guests are Kevin Burnett, Technical Director for Navy PEO MLB and…

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Learning Curves: Discussion

Video of Learning Curves explanation and examples/exercise in Excel

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Patti Shank: The Power of Multiple Choice

Dr. Patti Shank joins us to talk about her new book, Write Better Multiple Choice to Assess Learning. Often underestimated and sub-optimized, multiple choice questions are actually a powerful…

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Rebecca Clark: A Conversation on Design

We chat with Rebecca Clark, Consultant and Learning and Development Professional, and the Creator/Host of Move Your Desk podcast. It's a wide-ranging conversation with Design as its theme. This…

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Josh Flores on UXD & User Interviews

As the name would suggest, User Experience Design (UXD) relies on users to inform product development. We speak with Josh Flores, a UXD developer who shares about his approach to UXD and the user…

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Marina Theodotou: Building Blocks of a Learning Ecosystem

Learning content is taking many new forms in many contexts. A podcast like this one serves as an example. We're joined by Dr. Marina Theodotou of DAU, co-author of FORWARD FOCUSED LEARNING…

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Clark Quinn on Learning Science for Instructional Designers

Returning guest Dr. Clark Quinn discusses his new book, Learning Science for Instructional Designers, a helpful guide for practitioners who wish to understand the science behind the methods we employ…

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Megan Torrance on Agile and LLAMA

The venerable ADDIE systems model, well known to Instructional Designers, has company. Megan Torrance explains the benefits of Agile and how LLAMA tailors the methodology for our world, transforming…

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