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CRWS-BoK - Cyber Resilience through Authoritative Resources

Presentation will provide an overview of the Cyber Resilient Weapon Systems Body of knowledge (CRWS-BoK) portal. It will discuss CRWS-Bok’s purpose and goals, who sponsors it and its…

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Logistics LIVE: FIAR - Why should I care?

What is Financial Improvement Audit Remediation, and why should I care? How does FIAR impact logistics, operational readiness and my resources? Join in for an engaging interview with the experts…

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LCL News - 04.2023 LCL Quick Reference Resource List

This episode of the Life Cycle Logistics News comes from the March 3, 2023, DAU Log Blog on the Life Cycle Logistics Quick Reference Resource List and includes 19 references.

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Putting It All Together (Reading a Program Schedule)

The sixth of six videos in the Reading a Program Schedule series. Describes a simple process to breakdown and understand any program schedule, even if it contains thousands of tasks.

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Schedule Building Blocks (Reading a Program Schedule)

The first of six videos in the Reading a Program Schedule series. Describes the three elements that define a Discrete Task.

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Performance Management Reports for Human Resources Liaisons

11-17-20 Training on reporting for status of IDPs and Contribution Planning tasks in CSOD.

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Adaptive Acquisition Framework: Software Workforce Training and Development

The new Adaptive Acquisition Framework provides DoD program offices with additional flexibility and will help speed up the delivery of new capabilities to Warfighter. However, it can only be…

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AcqDemo HR Flexibilities

Human Resources Professionals are the primary points of contact for leadership, managers, hiring officials, AND employees. They are sought out for advice and guidance on all matters relating to the…

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Module G Army Utilities Services Acquisition and Sales Specialist (UtilSO) Program - Utility Services Acquisition, Contracting, and Use

Module G Army Utilities Services Acquisition and Sales Specialist Program - This video discusses utility services acquisition, contracting, and use . Reference: AR420-41, Sec 3-1 and 3-2 …

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ISA201 Lesson 20 SW Sustainment Homework

Professor Jason Hamilton, DAU-CNE, reviews the basics of SW Sustainment from ISA101.

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Additive Manufacturing Lesson 3.8

In this lecture, we examine the additive manufacturing process called directed energy deposition using the example of laser metal deposition (LMD). We will overview the LMD process using a video…

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Better Buying Power Principle 1, People Matter Most

The Honorable Frank Kendall, USD(AT&L), keynote speaker at the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium discusses BBP Principle 1 People Matter Most.

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