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The Army's Training Revolution: Concepts & Technology

The training aids that helped shape the Army of Excellence so effectively are discussed by Dr. Robert Bauer, Deputy Director of Training, Doctrine, and Combat Development, U.S. Armor Center.

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Exponential Reliability Plot Simulation

This video provides instructions on how to use the Exponential Reliability Plot Simulation.

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EP013: Alicia Sanchez on Games and Simulation, Part 2

We visit with Dr. Alicia Sanchez once more to discuss the unique opportunities offered by games and simulation.

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EP003: Alicia Sanchez on Games and Simulation

We discuss games and simulation with DAU Games Czar, Dr. Alicia Sanchez: who they're for, their role in learning, the process to develop them, and more.

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Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Phase Overview

DAU Professor Matt Ambrose provides an overview of the Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction Phase of the Defense Acquisition System as described in the Department of Defense Instruction…

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@Risk Part 2 - Building a risk capable model

This video is intended as a refresher/review for students using the Palisade's @Risk tool as part of the BCF206 and BCF330 curriculum. In Part 2, we convert the basic point value model into one…

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