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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 08: None of the federal statutes or regulations apply to OTs

This video busts the myth that none of the federal statutes or regulations apply to Other Transactions.

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Identify QCO Candidates

Identify QCO Candidates

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Using Other Transactions

NOTE: This video, recorded by Ms. Diane Sidebottom in 2018, is available for its historical significance. Viewers should be aware that there have been significant changes to the statute (including…

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Understanding the Bona-Fide Needs Rule

This video provides a fundamental understanding of the Bona-Fide Needs Rule and how it is applied to a program.

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Live Fire Test & Evaluation

DAU Professor Matt Ambrose explains the purpose of Live Fire Test & Evaluation (LFT&E) and how it fits into the overall defense acquisition lifecycle.

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