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Performance Audits and Other DCAA Services 12.14.23

Description: During this session, experts from DCAA will discuss the following topics and their applicable tools: Performance AuditsOverview of Performance Audits When Are Performance Audits Used…

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Government Property Consumption Analysis

The purpose of this video lecture is to aid in the performance of analyzing contractor consumption of material that the Government has title to.

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CMQ 211 video W3_T1_Intro

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CMC235 Module 4: 4-Step Price Cost Reasonableness

P/C Reasonableness

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Identify QCO Candidates

Identify QCO Candidates

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Establish QCO Rates

Establish QCO Rates

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Overview of the DCMA FPRP/FPRA/FPRR CMO Team

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CMC235 Price Indices

Intro video on Indices..

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness

FIAR presentation by Dr. Potter

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FIAR Methodology & Roles and Responsibilities

This video concludes the FIAR video series by discussing the methodology that has been adopted to implement audit readiness. Viewers are also informed about the various roles and…

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FIAR Waves 3 & 4

This video continues the discussion on the FIAR by introducing the audience to the key facts of Wave 3 (Mission Critical Asset Existence) and Wave 4 (Full Audit Except for Existing Asset Valuation).…

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FIAR Waves 1 & 2

This video provides insight into FIAR Wave 1 (Appropriations Received) and FIAR Wave 2 (Statement of Budgetary Resources). Details are provided to help the audience understand the goals of the FIAR…

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Introduction to GAO Frameworks (TP 1 of 2)

Dr. Tim Persons, Chief Scientist for the GAO, discusses the background of the GAO and the creation of frameworks for auditing system programs with performance audit (yellow book). He discussed how…

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How to download a free copy of IEEE 15288.2

Short 3 minute video with instructions on how to download a free copy of the Standard for Technical Reviews and Audits for Defense Programs (IEEE 15288.2-2014)

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