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Competing to Win Series - Improving Collaboration in Contract Surveillance Balancing Oversight with Agility

Hear Government and Industry perspectives on how contract surveillance is practiced today and what those in defense acquisition can do to better understand industry and improve collaboration. …

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2024 Day 2 Session 08 - DoD Innovation: Accelerating DoD Acquisition for Relevance Amid the Threats - LTG Rasch (RCCTO)

The United States Armed Forces and our allies have amassed an incredible conventional deterrence matched by no other country. Conventional deterrence is no longer enough to thrive on the modern day…

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PS Delta Course - Lesson 7 Software Support 9.11.23

Description: Agile; DevSecOPs; Software Support. These terms strike fear in many product support professionals. Well, fear no more. During this session we are going

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Astonishing, Agile, Success! - Reflections on Maneuver Combat Systems Best Practices

Series Description: A series of six interviews of senior acquisition leaders. Each leader will reflect upon acquisition best practices. Partnering and collaborating with the Defense Acquisition…

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Understanding Agile Software Development

Dr. Matt Kennedy talks Agile Software Development and how it is significantly different than traditional development for a reason--things change daily! Here is where the confusion lies when trying to…

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Understanding Agile Project Management

Dr. Matt Kennedy continues his Agile Acquisition Series as he associated Agile Project Management to a Team Sport. He explains that there is a drastic shift in how we manage a traditional IT project…

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Agile Technical Debt

This is another video in the Agile Whiteboard series of videos. Professor Chris Collins talks about the importance of following Agile Manifesto Principles 8 and 9; Agile Dev Teams must manage their…

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Scrum 101

Scrum 101 v3 (updated 10/28/2019): Professor Chris Collins, DAU-SOUTH, presents Scrum 101, the basics of the agile methodology called Scrum. This is part of his Agile Whiteboard Series of videos.

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Kessel Run Agile Imperatives for DoD

Lt Col Jeremiah Sanders, Program Manager, Air Force Air Operations Center (AOC) and Deputy Director of Kessel Run, presents the foundational understanding of why all DoD programs need to consider…

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Capacity Team-Based Contract Approach

Dr. Matt Kennedy presents the Capacity Team-Based Contracting (CTBC) Approach. CTBC is one of many contractual flexibility approaches for Agile Acquisition to be realized for your organization.

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Complexity Level Contracting Approach

Dr. Matt Kennedy created this video as one of many approaches for the "Contracting for Change (Agile)" video series. The contracting approach uses complexity buckets to provide…

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USAF Agile Acquisition Contracting Outbrief Maj Gen Zabel v180723

Major General Sarah Zabel is leading the USAF's transition to an Agile Acquisition environment. This will provide better, faster, cheaper capability improvements to our warfighters. In her…

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Defense Panel Discussion on Middle Tier of Acquisition

Ben FitzGerald, the Director of Strategy and Design in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, interviews Dr. Bruce Jette, Assistant Secretary of the Army for…

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