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Leading Acquisition Series: Agile Entrepreneurship Turning Traditional Defense Acquisition on a Dime

Why does entrepreneurship matter to you as a defense acquisition professional?Forbes Magazine describes Agile Entrepreneurship as a way of creating and managing new ventures that embraces openness,…

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Astonishing, Agile, Success! - Reflections on F-15 Best Practices Webinar

NOTE: Due to connectivity issues that affected the guest speaker's video and audio during the webinar, this recording has been edited to reduce the duration of the gaps when the speaker's…

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Astonishing, Agile, Success! - Reflections on Maneuver Combat Systems Best Practices

Series Description: A series of six interviews of senior acquisition leaders. Each leader will reflect upon acquisition best practices. Partnering and collaborating with the Defense Acquisition…

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Astonishing, Agile, Success! - Reflections on F-16 Best Practices

Episode Description: Interview with Colonel Timothy Bailey, USAF, F-16 Senior Material Leader, who will discuss successes and best practices for the F-16 fighter. Speaker:Colonel Timothy D. Bailey,…

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Leading Acquisition Series The Agile Mindset - Getting There One Step At A Time

Description: Do you want your team or organization to be more agile but don't know how? While there are many ways to travel the road to agility, you don't have to adopt an entire…

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Agile Product Owner (PO)

Professor Chris Collins adds to his Agile Whiteboard Series with this critical topic-Agile Product Owner (PO) (or Customer Representative); Chris details the importance of the Agile Product Owner…

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ECHO: Lieutenant Colonel Jason Tate: Best Acquisition Practices

On this episode of ECHO, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Tate shares best practices for acquisition professionals.

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Requirements Managers Best Practices Tip#2 Optimizing the RM PM Relationship

Requirements Managers Best Practices Series, Tip #2, Optimizing the Program Manager (PM) and Requirements Manager (RM) relationship. Steve Blasch, Professor of Requirements Management, Defense…

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Requirements Managers Best Practices-Tip #1-Knowing Requirements History and Rationale

Requirements Managers Best Practices_Tip #1_Knowing Requirements History and Rationale. Video by Stephen Blasch, Professor of Requirements Management, Defense Acquisition University

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Echo - Program Leadership practices that lowered costs, improved customer satisfaction and reduced schedule.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" LTC Robert Wolfe discusses how his team used the fundamentals of agile software design to run his program office and in doing…

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