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DoN CM Configuration Change Control

CONFIGURATION CHANGE CONTROL: The systematic proposal, justification, evaluation, coordination, disposition of proposed changes or requested variances and the implementation of all approved changes,…

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Leading Acquisition Series Making Change Happen 4.7.21

It's no secret that change is hard. And let's be perfectly honest: there's no magic wand for any of it. There isn't one quote or skill or technique that will magically solve all…

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Leading Acquisition Leading in Permanent Whitewater 11.4.20

This webcast explores surviving and thriving in a turbulent, "permanent whitewater" world where old styles of leading fall short. Have you ever been whitewater rafting? Not floating in an…

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Kessel Run: a "Day in the Life" at a DoD Software Factory

The Kessel Run team gives us a glimpse of what life is like in a modern software development organization in DoD. Successful change management, and modern software practices such as DevSecOps and…

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Transitioning to a Microservices Architecture

DevSecOps Academy Tech Series with Air Force Chief Software Officer, Nicolas Chaillan Having made the decision to move to microservices, how does a manager organize the transition to a…

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Complexity Level Contracting Approach

Dr. Matt Kennedy created this video as one of many approaches for the "Contracting for Change (Agile)" video series. The contracting approach uses complexity buckets to provide…

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Contracting for Change (Agile)

Dr. Matt Kennedy continues to build on his "Agile Acquisition 101" video with an Agile Contracting Series; this is the Introduction to "Contracting for Change (Agile)" This video…

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EP017: Julie Dirksen on the Science of Behavior Change

When last we met with Julie, we discussed digital habit formation. Today, we segue to the science of behavior change.

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Defense Acquisition University and AbilityOne Partnership Video (no audio/CC)

This video provides a unique glance into the importance of the formal agreement that exists between DAU and AbilityOne. AbilityOne provides a unique procurement program that delivers quality products…

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Principle 10, Courage to Challenge Bad Policy

The Honorable Frank Kendall, USD(AT&L), keynote speaker at the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium discusses BBP Principle 10, Courage to Challenge Bad Policy.

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