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Jamie Muskopf on The Power of Conversation and Podcasting

We visit with learning technologist and podcaster Jamie Muskopf to discuss the power of conversation and how the modern method of podcasting is but a throwback to the age-old campfire where knowledge…

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Defense Technical Information Center Tools 10.17.18

This was a discussion by Roger Garay, DTIC Guest Speaker, hosted by Darren Rhyne, CNE Engineering, Technology and Logistics covering tools and services available to DoD acquisition professionals.

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EP024: Anthony Rotolo: Think Like A Producer and Podcast

On this episode, we turn the tables and feature Anthony Rotolo on podcasting as one example of how we can shift our mindset and extend learning beyond the course. Show Notes: The slide deck that…

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Life Cycle Logistics for the Rest of Us 07.25.18

Adjusted recording by not keeping chat/message information with the webex recording.

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Agile Enterprise Architecture and Application Rationalization


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Organizing for a New Era of Acquisition

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Ellen Lord, delivered the keynote address at the 2018 DAU Acquisition Training Symposium.

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VoC Lessons Learned - Outcome Based Need Statements

Skype meeting to provide training and discuss lessons learned with regard to capturing need statements from Voice of the Customer data collection events (interviews, focus groups, mining existing…

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Aircraft Operations Performance Support Webinar-August 2017

Major topics of discussion were COCO aircraft, PAO vs. CAO, the new AO Community of Practice, Contractor's care, control or custody or aircraft, and FY 2018 AO training.

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EP015: Karen Hyder on The Virtual Classroom

We speak with virtual training expert, Karen Hyder about the virtual classroom, its opportunities and challenges.

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EP010: Joseph DiPietro on Technology-Mediated Instruction, Part 1

What's to be gained by mixing digital and traditional methods of instruction? The Learning Circle talks technology-mediated instruction with Dr. Joseph DiPietro. Part 1.

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EP008: Judith Bayliss on Innovation

INNOVATION is a word that adorns many glossy business magazine covers. But pushing past the bright, shiny objects that romanticize the topic, how does innovation manifest itself, and what's…

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EP006: Podcasting as eLearning, Harry Duran

Few formats live up to the promise of "taking elearning with you" like podcasts do. We meet with podcast expert, Harry Duran, to discuss the rise of podcasting and the opportunity it offers…

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Risk Managemenet Dialog - Knowledge Sharing (1 of 2)

Pat leads the discussion between John, Dave, and himself on risk management and the various monologs each recorded. The group discusses sharing knowledge and linking the risk and opportunity data…

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Risk Management Dialog- uses in program office (2 of 2)

Pat continues the discussion between John, Dave, and himself on risk management and the various monologs each recorded. The group discusses how what they have discussed into a program office. The…

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Dealing with Obsolescence

Managing a Program is difficult - You worry about schedule, cost, and meeting the warfighter's performance and readiness needs. The last thing you want is an obsolescence issue and you…

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Cyber Security/Risk Mgmt Framework (RMF)

Cyber Security/Risk Mgmt Framework (RMF), DAU Coordinator - Mr. Tim Denman; Instructor - Mr. Tim Denman, DAU

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