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CON 7140V - The Advanced Cost Modeling Course

Scott and Jim have the pleasure of talking with Erin Moore, the Learning Asset Manager for CON 7140V, the Advanced Cost Modeling Course. Erin goes into a very thorough on how the course is…

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Multivariate Model Selection

The down selection process is useful for working quickly through a data set that may have a number of explanatory independent variables. By starting with the "full" model that has all…

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Techniques for Developing the Cost Model for Cost and Pricing Analysis.

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Understanding Cost Estimates for Non-Cost Estimators - Lunch and Learn 12 Sep 18

Learn how everyone within the DoD Acquisition Community is impacted by cost estimates from Contract Specialists and Program Managers to Engineers and Logisticians. Topics include, what to look for in…

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Incurred Cost Electronic Model (ICE)

Location and brief description of ICE model at

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