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CON 7410V - Regression Analysis Course

In this segment, Jim and Scott talk with Steve Malashevitz, DAU's Learning Asset Manager for CON 7410V - the Regression Analysis Course. You will learn what the course is all about, what is…

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Multivariate Model Selection

The down selection process is useful for working quickly through a data set that may have a number of explanatory independent variables. By starting with the "full" model that has all…

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How to use the flat multivariate tool

This is a basic "how to" video that walks through the mechanics of using the multivariate tab in the Flat Regression Tool (in Excel). This is just the simple mechanics of using the tool to…

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Regression and Model Selection

This is intended as a refresher in basic regression and model selection for cost estimating courses beyond the introductory courses. The video uses data that has 3 potential cost drivers and then…

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CMI 1300 Regression Analysis and Comparative Analysis

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Regression Analysis and Comparative Analysis techniques for use in analyzing contractor proposes indirect rates, cost estimating relationships for purposes of establishing the degree of correlation…

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Regression using the Data Analysis Toolpak in Excel

This is a very rapid review of doing both linear and power regressions using Excel's Data Analysis ToolPak. It is at a very rapid pace and explains those features that are of most interest in…

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Calculating software effort from ESLOC

This is the BCF250 "Software Cost Estimating" demonstration of the Excel steps needed to take the Final ESLOC estimate and convert it into an effort number. This uses only Excel for the…

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Calculating Linear Code Growth

This is a help aid for the BCF 250 course on Software Cost Estimating. This tutorial is a repeat of the in-class exercise on calculating a linear regression on the code growth from the initial size…

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CMC235 Module 4: 4-Step Price Cost Reasonableness

P/C Reasonableness

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CMC235 Price Indices

Intro video on Indices..

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Basic Costat Regression Part 3 - Multivariate Exponential Model Regression

This video is intended as a refresher/review for students using the Tecolote Research's Co$tat tool as part of the BCF204 and BCF302 curriculum. In Part 3, we start with a dataset and walk…

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