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"Humans Upfront" - Episode 2 - 6.13.24

Dr. Reinerman-Jones will facilitate a panel discussion regarding the important considerations of human factors in Front-End Analysis.The Department of Defense (DoD) defines Front End Analysis (FEA)…

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback and effective communication are central to ensuring meaningful contributions and impact to organizational mission. This course will help you understand the roles and responsibilities…

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Organizing for a New Era of Acquisition

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Ellen Lord, delivered the keynote address at the 2018 DAU Acquisition Training Symposium.

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VoC Lessons Learned - Outcome Based Need Statements

Skype meeting to provide training and discuss lessons learned with regard to capturing need statements from Voice of the Customer data collection events (interviews, focus groups, mining existing…

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Risk Managemenet Dialog - Knowledge Sharing (1 of 2)

Pat leads the discussion between John, Dave, and himself on risk management and the various monologs each recorded. The group discusses sharing knowledge and linking the risk and opportunity data…

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Risk Management Dialog- uses in program office (2 of 2)

Pat continues the discussion between John, Dave, and himself on risk management and the various monologs each recorded. The group discusses how what they have discussed into a program office. The…

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Dealing with Obsolescence

Managing a Program is difficult - You worry about schedule, cost, and meeting the warfighter's performance and readiness needs. The last thing you want is an obsolescence issue and you…

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Cyber Security/Risk Mgmt Framework (RMF)

Cyber Security/Risk Mgmt Framework (RMF), DAU Coordinator - Mr. Tim Denman; Instructor - Mr. Tim Denman, DAU

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The Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny (FIST) Approach to Acquisition

Team Rogue — Air Force Majors Dan Ward, Chris Quaid, and Gabe Mounce discuss FIST — the Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny — approach to acquisition, at a July 29, 2009 Defense…

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Basic Costat Learning Curve Part 1 Unit & Cum Avg Theories

This video is intended as a refresher/review for students using the Tecolote Research's Co$tat tool as part of the BCF204 and BCF302 curriculum. In Part 1, the emphasis is on starting Co$tat and…

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Ms. Sharie Bourbeau - Thoughts on Senior Leadership

Sheryl "Sharie" Bourbeau is the former Executive Director of the Naval Sea Systems Command (equivalent to a three-star admiral). This video discusses planning and qualications to achieve…

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Acquisition of Services (DoDI 5000.74)

Ken Brennan: Talks about DoDI 5000.74; Defense Acquisition of Services. (DOD_Instruction_5000_74); DAU Acquisition Symposium

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Cyber Security Implementation

Hot Topic: Mr. Kevin Dulany talks about Cyber Security Implementation (140115) (HTF)

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