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All Things Small Business Episode 11

Mr. Ken Carkhuff talks about the structure of small business classes. Check out our links: DAU Small Business Media - Small Business CoP -…

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All Things Small Business Episode 9

Mr. Ken Carkhuff talks to Ms. Arveice Washington, Director of the Department of the Navy's Office of Small Business Programs (DON OSBP). In this episode, they continue their discussion on…

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Leading Acquisition Series: Unleash Innovation to Drive Performance Creativity and Efficiency

Is innovation encouraged at your workplace? Are you looking for ways to jumpstart an innovation culture that delivers results? This unique event will bring together scholars, senior leaders, and…

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DoN CM: Configuration Management Planning

The Department of Navy (DoN) Configuration Management (CM) event series introduce the technical management processes of configuration management accordance with industry standards.

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NAVSUP WSS Secrets to Success Strategic Supplier Management 5.10.22

This webcast reveals how NAVSUP WSS approaches Strategic Supplier Management, through a collaborative technique focused on long-term relationships with suppliers. This presentation will provide an…

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All Things Small Business: Learn to Win and NAVY PEO MLB

We've got a roundtable today! We explore the synergies between small business and government that redound to our warfighters. My guests are Kevin Burnett, Technical Director for Navy PEO MLB and…

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DAU FUEL Additive Manufacturing is Here! Air Weapon System Case Studies 25 Aug 2021

Additive Manufacturing is Here! This educational webinar series will help you understand how Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) is being applied today in the DoD. Subject matter experts will share…

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3.2 Accelerating AM Through Collaboration

Ms. Anna Safigan, an aerospace engineer at the Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division partners with Mr. Mark Shaw, Director of Government Programs and Technology for GE Additive, in this case…

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3.1 AM: The Safety-Net for Readiness and Sustainment

Mr. Kyle Cobb presents an additive manufacturing case study on support equipment for the F405 engine. Due to the accelerated timeline, casting was simply not an option. Kyle walks us through the…

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2.1 Building A Strong Foundation

Dr Justin Rettaliata, AM Technical Warrant Holder, NAVSEA and Mr Joshua Trout talk about AM specifications and standards and how that impacts sailors at sea.

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Think Differently Series: Demystifying the AAF Use cases from the US Navy 5.12.21

Still perplexed about when and how to use the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF)? Join us in this session to learn how experts from the US Navy collaborated through NavalX with DAU and MiTRE in…

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All Things Small Business: Leslie Faircloth, Navy Small Business Professional

I'm joined by Leslie Faircloth, a Navy Small Business Professional working with various small businesses within the training and simulation industry. Join us! Listen via Apple or wherever you…

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DAU Course CON0150 Category Management Overview - Navy video

Introductory Overview video of Category Management within the Navy.

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Think Differrently: NavalX Empowering Innovators at the Dept of the Navy -20200304

hear from the NavalX ASN RDA Workforce Engagement Lead and Chief Marketing Officer, Matt (Mohawk) Denny discussing NavalX efforts around innovation, agile and more! ‚Äč

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Calculating a Weighted Index (page 9 of Cost Analysis Spreadsheet Toolbox)

Explanation of how to calculate weighted index using the Air Force, Navy and Army methods.

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Welcome to DAU Port Hueneme!

Brief introduction for students attending classes in Port Hueneme. DAU Port Hueneme Student Services Phone: (805) 982-4680.

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