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Cheryl Johnson: AMBITION: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees

We sit down with Cheryl Johnson, Learning Consultant and author of the book, AMBITION: The Missing Attribute in Your Employees. We use the concepts of IQ and EQ and AQ (Ambition Quotient) as a…

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Patti Shank: The Power of Multiple Choice

Dr. Patti Shank joins us to talk about her new book, Write Better Multiple Choice to Assess Learning. Often underestimated and sub-optimized, multiple choice questions are actually a powerful…

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Rebecca Clark: A Conversation on Design

We chat with Rebecca Clark, Consultant and Learning and Development Professional, and the Creator/Host of Move Your Desk podcast. It's a wide-ranging conversation with Design as its theme. This…

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Josh Flores on UXD & User Interviews

As the name would suggest, User Experience Design (UXD) relies on users to inform product development. We speak with Josh Flores, a UXD developer who shares about his approach to UXD and the user…

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Marina Theodotou: Building Blocks of a Learning Ecosystem

Learning content is taking many new forms in many contexts. A podcast like this one serves as an example. We're joined by Dr. Marina Theodotou of DAU, co-author of FORWARD FOCUSED LEARNING…

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Megan Torrance on Agile and LLAMA

The venerable ADDIE systems model, well known to Instructional Designers, has company. Megan Torrance explains the benefits of Agile and how LLAMA tailors the methodology for our world, transforming…

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Prototyping the VILT Blend with David Swinney and Jeffrey Craver

This past year saw a massive movement to VILT. Rather than a mere "lift and shift" of old assets, the migration to VILT training is an act of redesign. We visit with DAU colleagues David…

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Debra Moore on Performance & Professional Development

We speak with Debra Moore, DAU's Learning Director for Performance Development about the distinction between performance and professional development. We discuss skilling and upskilling and how…

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Shelton Jewette on AI and Adaptive Learning

We visit with DAU's own Shelton Jewette, Instructional Systems Designer and member of the innovation team exploring the application of Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Learning to the next…

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Dr. Barbara Lockee on NextGen Online Education

Dr. Barbara Lockee, co-author of the book, Streamlined ID joins us to discuss NextGen Online Education and how we'll carry forward the lessons we've learned during 2020.

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Dr. Alicia Sanchez: What Makes a Quality Learning Experience?

We chat with DAU Games Czar Dr. Alicia Sanchez about factors that bespeak quality in learning, how expectations have changed, why the bar is raised. We identify a bundle of concerns that point to…

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Dr. Ellen Wagner on Learning Engineering

DAU's The Learning Circle visits with Dr. Ellen Wagner to discuss LEARNING ENGINEERING. Although first articulated decades ago, LE is an emergent practice at the intersection of the Learning,…

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Episode 26: Julian Stodd on Social Learning

Our guest today is Julian Stodd of the consulting firm Sea Salt Learning. He is a writer, artist, consultant, and explorer, with a deep interest in how things work: systems, societies, and…

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