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Acquisition Data Management

Acquisition Data Management

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Campaign for an AI Ready Force & the 4 Pillars of AI Readiness

Achieving an AI Ready Force will better position DoD to seize opportunities and respond to threats in the rapidly emerging area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This video introduces DoD’s…

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AI Courses Available Now at DAU's Virtual Campus!

You can access hundreds of courses on AI and other topics through the DAU Virtual Campus. There are literally 100s of courses available to DoD members, not only from DAU, but from many other…

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Strategic Pillars to Transform Test and Evaluation: Accelerate the Delivery of Weapons that Work

Series Description:In 2022 the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), Office of the Secretary of Defense, published a Strategy Update, which he referred to multiple times in his…

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SWE 0057 What is Machine Learning?

DAU's business-level, introductory Machine Learning (ML) course video is intended to help you manage or work on an AI-Machine Learning (ML) acquisition program. What's in it for you?…

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Logistics LIVE Contract Data Rights 4.17.23

Description:What kind of data do I need and what are some strategies to get it? Join in to hear from a panel of experts on Intellectual Property and get answers to your questions.Speakers:Ms. Vicki…

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Data Driven Product Support

In this video, Mr Scott Harris, Product Support Manager for the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) program, and Mr Tony Donatelli, LogLab Team Lead at the DEVCOM Aviation & Missile…

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Data Driven Product Support - Depot Maintenance

In this video, Mr Tony Donatelli, DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center LogLab Team Lead, describes the use of the LogSIM discrete event simulation capability to help determine depot maintenance…

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CCON 016 - Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Credential

Scott and Jim talk with Dr. Renee Butler, Learning Director and Learning Asset Manager at DAU for CCON 016, the Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Credential. Dr. Butler discusses…

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organic Lead Systems Integrator (oLSI) 9.29.22

Description: In recent decades, the U.S. military has made great strides in developing lethal warfighting products to defeat our nation's enemies. But what has been more effective is the…

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ETM1070 Lesson 2.1 Identifying, Communicating, and Preserving Data and Information

Welcome to identifying, communicating, and preserving data and information of the digital literacy lifecycle lesson. In this lesson, we will define data and information and examine the value in…

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Let's Be Modular and Open -- Airworthiness

Description: MOSA (Modular Open System Approach) is an integrated business and technical strategy employing a modular design to achieve competitive and affordable acquisition and sustainment. At the…

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Understanding DoD Cloud Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

This is a 24 minute video that explains how the Cloud is created, and how it is being crated through DoD infrastructure as code initiatives. This is a intended as a prerequisite to a coming video…

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FDC 7.2 ADAPTC_ Elements_V7

Foundations for Data Citizens Course Lesson 7.2 FDC 7.2 V 7

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FDC 8.1 Review & Next Steps

Foundations for Data Citizens Course Lesson 8.1 FDC 8.1 v 4.

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FDC 7.1 ADAPTC_ Overview

Foundations for Data Citizens Course Lesson 7.1 FDC 7.1 V2

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