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Tim Slade: The ELearning Designer's Handbook

If we're honest, ELearning development can be overwhelming, especially for newer instructional designers. There's a wealth of theory to learn, plus multiple disciplines that come together…

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Leading Acquisition Five Ways to Lead 10.7.20

Do you think of leaders as those who step up and say, "Follow me!"? Or, do you see leading as multidimensional? Everyone, at every level, can lead. But how do we do this well? This…

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DAU After Hours: Self-Regulated Learning

On the heels of their Defense Acquisition Magazine Article titled "Self-Regulated Learning - The Contracting Specialist's Superpower", Professors Bill Schleckser and Joni Dowling will…

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Dr. Alicia Sanchez: What Makes a Quality Learning Experience?

We chat with DAU Games Czar Dr. Alicia Sanchez about factors that bespeak quality in learning, how expectations have changed, why the bar is raised. We identify a bundle of concerns that point to…

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Dr. Karl Kapp, co-author of the book MICROLEARNING (with Robyn DeFelice) visits The Learning Circle to discuss the theory, application and promise of Microlearning.

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Episode 29: Instructional Storytelling with Katie Stroud

We sit down with Katie Stroud to talk about her work in Instructional Storytelling, which places Story at the foundation of learning. We discuss the parallels of character goals and learning…

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Episode 28: Moments of Need in the Blend - with Jennifer Hofmann, Phylise Banner

This conversation connects many dots. What we frame as a talk about blended learning spans a variety of topics, including adaptive, micro-learning, workflow learning, curation, moments of need and…

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EP022: Judith Bayliss: Innovation as Discovery

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to make an innovative breakthrough. By seeing with new eyes, we can approach old problems in fresh ways and surprise ourselves with solutions. DAU Chief Education…

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EP001: Allison Rossett on Learning Megatrends

On our inaugural episode, we speak with Dr. Allison Rossett about major trends facing the learning industry.

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