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JCTD Program Overview 10.21.20

Mr. Dan Ermer, Director of the Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) Program Office, will provide an overview of the JCTD program. The JCTD Program is a Congressionally-mandated effort…

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Secretary Shyu briefs the SASC

Sec Shyu's presentation to SASC in which she describes how programs in the DoD are managed and the problems encountered by the PMs. A longer video available here (30 mins): …

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Other Transaction Mythbusting Video Series - Ep. 01: OTs are new and have been rarely used

This video busts the myth that Other Transactions are new and have been rarely used.

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Congressional Funds Enactment

This video outlines and describes the three steps in the Fiscal Enactment Process; Budget Resolution, Authorization, and Appropriations.

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Admiral Hilarides Stakeholder Communications

Admiral Hilarides discusses the importance of good communication with Program Stakeholders.

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