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Lets Get Digital Webinar Advancing Digital Transformation-20220922

Digital Engineering is an integrated digital approach that uses authoritative sources of systems' data and models as a continuum across disciplines to support lifecycle activities from concept…

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ETM1070 Lesson 3.2 Continuum of Models

Welcome to the digital literacy continuum of models throughout the digital engineering lifecycle lesson. This lesson is valuable for stakeholders in the DE Ecosystem and anyone who is Interested in…

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ETM 1070 Lesson 3.1 Digital Concept Lifecycle Components

Welcome to the lesson on Digital Concept Lifecycle Components. In this lesson you will gain a deeper understanding of how the Digital Engineering Strategy intends to guide the planning, development,…

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ETM1070 Lesson 2.1 Identifying, Communicating, and Preserving Data and Information

Welcome to identifying, communicating, and preserving data and information of the digital literacy lifecycle lesson. In this lesson, we will define data and information and examine the value in…

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ETM 1070 Lesson 1.2 Access Authoritative Sources of Truth

Welcome to Lesson 1.2, Accessing Authoritative Sources of System Data and Models. In this lesson you will gain a deeper understanding of what constitutes an authoritative source of truth; the…

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ETM 1070 Lesson 1.1 Introduction and Digital Behaviors

Welcome to DAU's Engineering and Technical Management course, ETM 1070, Digital Literacy. In this course, you will learn foundational concepts of digital behaviors and practices to support…

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2022 Day 1 Session 4 - Systems Security Engineering

Systems Security Engineering lecture by Professor Edward Adkins

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Back-to-Basics: Engineering and Technical Management

The Department of Defense is modernizing its implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act to better align its acquisition workforce resources. The updated certification…

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Tom Wujec: Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast

Making toast doesn’t sound very complicated — until someone asks you to draw the process, step by step. Tom Wujec loves asking people and teams to draw how they make toast, because the…

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