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Assertion Tables

This video discusses assertion tables, which requires contractors to identify any noncommercial data (i.e. technical data and computer software) to be delivered or otherwise provided under the…

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Deliverable Basics, Formal Delivery, Deferred Ordering, CDRLs and DIDs

This video discusses critical components of acquiring technology in DoD contracts including deliverable basics, access v. delivery, contract data requirement lists (CDRLs) and data item descriptions…

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Rights in Nontechnical Data

This video discusses special purpose data rights clauses and rights in copyrightable works not covered by the DFARS clauses.

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Open Source Software

This video describes the difference between software and open source software acquisitions and specific issues (e.g. license requirements, security) that DoD acquisition professionals should be aware…

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Software Licensing Agreements

This video describes the nuances of DoD software acquisitions and discusses key concepts such as the difference between commercial v. non-commercial software, terms of software licensing agreements…

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Assessing the Business Case for Specially Negotiated Licenses

This video is the first in a series of short, targeted learning resources on IP and Data Rights topics. It describes the circumstances under which specially negotiated or customized commercial…

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Source of Funding Determinations for Non-Commercial Technology

This video is the second in a series of short, targeted learning resources on IP and Data Rights topics. It answers three important questions pertaining to funding determinations for non-commercial…

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Army IP Road Show

IP Road Show conducted by the US Army on 16 DEC 20. This video has been approved for public release.

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DAU-Industry Intellectual Property Series - Boeing video perspectives on IP

Boeing IP and Data Rights video - part of a Government-Industry learning asset series

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Navigating Data Rights, Intellectual Property, and Contracting Issues in Cloud Computing Contracts - Some Common Sense Best Practices

In December, 2018, the Department of Defense released its Cloud Strategy encouraging the Department to take full advantage of commercial cloud computing as a technology enabler. As contracting…

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