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Time Management Matrix

Describes how to use the Time Management Matrix

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10. Running an Efficient Meeting Part 2

Describes the Creative Tension Method.

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9. Simple Rules of Interaction

Describes simple rules of interaction.

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8. Part III: Protocols for Running an Efficient Planning Meeting

Provides tips for running an efficient meeting.

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7. Focusing Your Attention

Focuses on how to better use your calendar.

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6. Attention Challenges

Focuses on the problems with multitasking and how to build your “focus muscle.”

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5. Part II: Mastering Attention Challenges

Focuses on ways to decrease stimulation and distractions.

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4. Mastering Your Time

Focuses on how to distinguish between between important and urgent.

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3. Part 1b: Busy-ness

Describes the Time Management Matrix.

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1. Introduction to Mastering the Strategic Moment

Introduces “Mastering the Strategic Moment” series. It is recommended you watch the videos in sequence; however it is not required.

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Leading Acquisition Series How to focus your time and attention to be more productive 2.3.21

Mastering the Strategic Moment: How to focus your time and attention to be more productive:Two of the most valuable commodities of today's leaders are time and attention. Both are hard to come…

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Introduction to GAO Frameworks (TP 1 of 2)

Dr. Tim Persons, Chief Scientist for the GAO, discusses the background of the GAO and the creation of frameworks for auditing system programs with performance audit (yellow book). He discussed how…

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Joint Strike Fighter Program: Program Planning

Lessons learned from the Joint Striker Fighter Program Executive Officer on Program Planning, the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) and Scheduling.

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Ms. Sharie Bourbeau - Thoughts on Senior Leadership

Sheryl "Sharie" Bourbeau is the former Executive Director of the Naval Sea Systems Command (equivalent to a three-star admiral). This video discusses planning and qualications to achieve…

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