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Writing An Annual Appraisal Self Assessment

Core to the AcqDemo appraisal process is the review and evaluation of written assessments describing employee contributions and their impact. This course shows you what constitutes effective…

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Echo - Taking an ACAT 1 program from an idea without staffing or funding to delivering the first product in 18 months.

In this Echo episode of "Acquisition Practices Worth Emulating" COL Rich Haggerty discusses how his team when charged with an ACAT 1 program without either defined requirements, staffing…

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EP023: Rebecca Clark: LMS Lessons Learned

As DAU wraps up a major effort to install a new LMS (Learning Management System), we sit down with Rebecca Clark, DAU's Director of Integrated Learning Systems to discuss her experiences and…

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EP022: Judith Bayliss: Innovation as Discovery

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to make an innovative breakthrough. By seeing with new eyes, we can approach old problems in fresh ways and surprise ourselves with solutions. DAU Chief Education…

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IHS General Intro to System Navigation

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IHS creation of cost models

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EP021: Jane Bozarth: Should We Build or Buy Our Learning?

Dr. Jane Bozarth is the director of research for The eLearning Guild. She is the author of eLearning Solutions on a Shoestring;,Social Media for Trainers, and Show Your Work! She is a popular…

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Integrated Baseline Review: DAU Can Help You! 06.14.18

Lunch and Learn chaired by Marsha Dollarhide.

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DAU AbilityOne Video

2014 The signing of the partnership with Ability One. Some great background on working with handicapped employees.

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40 YEAR Anniversary

A Video that celebrates 40 Years of Acquisition Training in the Department of Defense.

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EP015: Karen Hyder on The Virtual Classroom

We speak with virtual training expert, Karen Hyder about the virtual classroom, its opportunities and challenges.

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EP012: Sam Rogers on The New Breed

Podcasts. Video. eBooks... So many ways to serve content and inspire learning these days. We sit down with learning consultant and media expert, Sam Rogers, to talk about "the new breed",…

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EP007: Bob Mosher on Workflow Learning

We speak with renowned expert, Bob Mosher about meeting moments of need in the workflow where authentic learning occurs.

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EP002: Marc Rosenberg on Learning Culture

We interview consultant/writer/learning expert, Marc Rosenberg, on Learning Culture. What is a learning culture and how do you make it grow in your organization?

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EP001: Allison Rossett on Learning Megatrends

On our inaugural episode, we speak with Dr. Allison Rossett about major trends facing the learning industry.

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CNE Customers Speak

This video, Capital & Northeast Customer Speaks, is a sampling of several Capital and Northeast (CNE) Region's clients whom we asked "How are we doing?". We captured this video at…

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