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Acquisition Synchrony: Don’t Forget the Cost! Practice (Part 3)

During this 3-Part Webinar series we will be going through Acquisition Review process through the lenses of 6 P's (Premise, Partnerships, Policies, Perspective, Process, and Practice). This…

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Using Large Language Models in the DoD Context

Dive deep into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs) with a special focus on their relevance and application within the Department of Defense (DoD). This comprehensive video serves as…

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AFICC Enterprise Crosstalk - January 19, 2023

The Air Force Installation Contracting Center Crosstalk Purpose…To share Operational Acquisition activities and best practices to improve cross organizational knowledge, collaboration and…

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Lifecycle Funds Management (1.24.23)

Description: (Click on the Down Arrow at the top of the video screen to download presentations from this Webinar) During this (60-minute special session) of the DCMA Webinar series, specialists from…

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Adaptive Acquisition Framework DoDI 5000.88 Engineering 1.5.21

In this continuation of DAU's webcast series on the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, we'll explore DoD Instruction 5000.88, Engineering of Defense Systems. DoD 5000.88 was recently approved…

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Additive Manufacturing is Here 11.18.20

Description: How far have we really come using Additive Manufacturing? A joint panel will answer questions on current policy and strategy, processes and scale of implementation across the Services,…

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CMC235 Module 4: 4-Step Price Cost Reasonableness

P/C Reasonableness

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CMC235 Price Indices

Intro video on Indices..

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Principle 2, Data should drive policy

The Honorable Frank Kendall, USD(AT&L), keynote speaker at the DAU Acquisition Training Symposium discusses BBP Principle 2, Data should drive policy.

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