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ITSM - Air Force

ITSM - Air Force

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ITSM - Navy

ITSM - Navy

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PM Reflections Episode 1

Hosted by Defense Acquisition University Faculty, Eric Ferraro, episode one features Navy Captain (Retired) Mike Abreau, the former Major Program Manager for PMW 205 - Navy Enterprise Networks…

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TAD FPRP Model Part Five

TAD FPRP Model Part Five

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Overview of the DCMA FPRP/FPRA/FPRR CMO Team

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DoD IUID Program

Very good video that introduces / explains IUID marking for DoD Products.

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CMC 210 Week 1 Video

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR): Tools & Strategies for Program Technology Development presented by Michael Catudo the Assistant Director of Small Business Programs for DoD. …

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Industry Commitment to Defense Acquisition

Mr. Phil Swanson, the CEO of Raytheon gives a speech about Industry conformance & commitment.

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FIAR Waves 3 & 4

This video continues the discussion on the FIAR by introducing the audience to the key facts of Wave 3 (Mission Critical Asset Existence) and Wave 4 (Full Audit Except for Existing Asset Valuation).…

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Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Overview

Thisvideo introduces the topic of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR). It provides a brief overview of the why FIAR is important and how FIAR has been structured/implemented within the…

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ISA201 Lesson 3 Enterprise Architecture Homework

As a refresher, Professor Kevin Corcoran describes the basics of DoD Enterprise Architecture (EA) based on what we covered in ISA101.

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Source Selection Procedures 04.01.16

This DAU Lunch n Learn video discusses DoD Source Selection Procedures based on new procedures dated April 1, 2016. It covers the following topics: Applicability New competitive acquisition strategy…

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KLDP Understanding Industry-Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Understanding Industry: A video for the Key Leadership Development Program (KLDP) about the business Income Statement and Balance Sheet. (DSMC).

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